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The Greatest Weightlifters of All Time Vol 1 - Men

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The lives, careers and stories of the seventy greatest weightlifters of all-time like you’ve never seen them before.

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The Greatest Weightlifters of All Time Vol 1 - Men
The Greatest Weightlifters of All Time Vol 1 - Men

What's in the book?


    The top 70 greatest weightlifters of all-time, complete with stats, medal counts, and more, all ranked by order of greatness. From the greats of the 21st century to the legends of the 80s and 90s.


    Learn about the lives, careers, and previously unknown stories about the best weightlifters ever. From their early child-hoods, to back-room battles, to emotional battles and ultimate glory.


    An enormous amount of research and photography has gone into preserving the most interesting and narrative-shaping stories and accounts from our sport of weightlifting. The history of the sport has been preserved and added to.


    This book feature 100 of the most iconic weightlifting photos in existence. These photos were sourced from photographers like Bruce Klemens and hookgrip as well as from the personal archives of former Soviet Union sports photographers.

Famous readers

Read by some of the biggest names in the sport.

Approved by many of the Olympic Champions featured in the book including Lasha Talakhadze, Kianoush Rostami, Lu Xiaojun, Andrei Aramnau, Pyrros Dimas, and Ilya Ilyin.


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  • Seb Ostrowicz is the founder of Weightlifting House and initially released The Greatest Weightlifters of All-Time as a podcast series called The Sinclair Countdown, where he brought back to life the forgotten stories of the best weightlifters ever. With all of the research for the series already written it became clear that the information, coupled with the most iconic photos from the sport, would be extremely valuable in book form.

Inside the book

Inside the book

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